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geekgirlology-logo-widerI've been creating various websites, from small to large, since 2001. I like to concentrate my time on building and revising church websites, as well as small, non-profits. I believe that even the smallest organization can benefit from an online presence.  I can create logos/branding, set up Facebook and Twitter accounts and work on getting your website available in search engines. I also can design flyers, newsletters and e-newsletters through MailChimp. I also have experience in setting up and maintaining customer surveys through Survey Monkey.

I have experience in building websites using E-Zekiel (a Christian based church website builder and host), WordPress, as well as through HTML, CSS and Adobe Muse. I have graphics experience with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I can create almost anything a small business, non-profit or church would need to start an online presence.


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Disclaimer: I am not a photographer. Most images used here are from paid and free-to-use stock resources, unless otherwise stated. All my other work is original. Please do not take, manipulate and/or claim as your own. Thank you and God bless!